Patron Dame Lucette Aldous DSJ

Welcome to Ballet Malvern Centre of Dance.  Dance, Singing, Acting, Exercise and Performance classes for all ages. 

Wishing Carter a wonderful day at The a Royal Ballet School today! Well done to our students who will be working with The Birmingham Royal Ballet Company on a production of Romeo and Juliet over the next few months, also to all our students who have recently appeared in the pantomime (Peter Pan) and A Christmas Carol productions at Malvern Theatres, we are very proud of the fantastic job you did and will do!!

We have an extensive range of classes to suit everyone. Rebecca believes everyone can dance they just need to find he right genre.


Our core ethos is to nurture and encourage progression, professionalism and teach strong technique. We have no hidden costs and pride ourselves that we enable every student the chance to dance and perform but most of all to love what they are doing as much as we love to teach it!

With a performance every year, the chance to do exams (if they wish), opportunities to be in professional productions at Malvern Theatres (We have had children successful in every audition so far, currently with children in the Pantomime (Peter Pan) and A Christmas Carol in January and strong connections with The Royal Ballet School, our students have a lot of opportunities to enjoy.

We very much care about every child's well being and encouraging confidence as they succeed through their grades. We are also very careful about teaching young growing bodies and have a wealth of kinesiology knowledge to support safe training.

We love what we do and are passionate about passing on generations of knowledge in the performance industry.

Thank you very much to @DWCentral for some fantastic dance items donated to our school. We are very appreciative of these lovely items!
Our lovely students lucky enough to work with Birmingham a Royal Ballet this year! Well done Phoebe, Amelie, Caitlin and Victoria!