Ballet Malvern Parents comments:

Highly recommended. Fun and professional dance teacher. Great atmosphere. My daughter loves every lesson, adores Miss Rebecca and as well as getting better at dance grows in confidence. Justine Miko


Wonderful dance school! My girls love their lessons and look forward to them every week Stephanie Grimmett


I contacted Miss Rebecca when my daughter started to get bored of dance, which left a huge lump in my throat. When your child is talented at an early age and it is recognised, well I don't need to tell you how you would feel. Miss Rebecca is a wonderful woman. She has helped my daughter find her passion in dance again. I saw this at the show at the weekend. What a great performance. Well done to all! Diann Dowell


Brilliant dance school, highly recommended.


My daughter was about to give up on ballet as at her old dance school she wasn't building confidence in herself or dance. So I said give another dance school ago, so she applied for ballet malvern centre of dance and I'm so glad she did, they are all so friendly, plus Zoe has never said once about giving up as she love's it there and has learnt so much it has made her become so confident in her dance and as a person. Plus she loves miss Rebecca and miss Victoria as they are so kind and friendly x Vicky Chadney


My daughter has been desperately wanting to dance for a long time but just never seemed to have the confidence to just go for it, we heard about Miss Rebecca & have never looked back! It has been truely amazing watching my daughters confidence grow with something she loves doing, she even took part in the most amazing show of Alice in wonderland which was absolutely fantastic! Would highly recommend miss Rebecca, a great teacher. Keely Harris


My daughter has been at Ballet malvern ever since it opened and loves every lesson. Miss Rebecca is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of performance knowledge. Plus she makes it fun. At Christmas, they did a production of Alice in Wonderland, and it was AMAZING. Every child had a part, whether they were in pre-primary or grade 5. It was lovely to see the various ages up on stage. I would highly recommend this Ballet school. Kerry Cushing


Such a wonderful Alice production by all of the ballet malvern pupils, we got to see just how much hard work goes into each and every lesson! Hannah Parker


Miss Rebecca as the children call her is a fantastic teacher my daughter has been at Ballet malvern for almost two years now and thinks the world of everyone involved in teaching her, and my youngest daughter has recently started attending Little Swans which is a fun class for toddlers. Ballet malvern has a unique way of teaching the children, the lessons are fun and engaging and each child is valued as an individual you can see that great thought and care is put into every word spoken to the children. Alice in Wonderland was a fantastic show, with great effort from all at Ballet malvern not only to put on a great show but to keep costs to a minimum to parents so all children could have the chance to dance. I would say ballet Malvern is setting the standard for how a dance school should be done, you cant go wrong sending your child here. Claire McNally


My daughter loves coming to ballet classes with Miss Rebecca. The Christmas production of Alice in Wonderland was absolutely fantastic! I'm looking forward to many more years of my daughter being part of Ballet Malvern. Sarah Baldwin


Thanks for what you're doing for the girls - it is really great for them to have this opportunity. 


The classes are so different to anywhere else.


The contemporary class is excellent!


What a great tap class on sat! Milo and Jasper were fantastic. It was so lovely to see the boys dancing away with huge smiles. I am looking forward to the christmas show even more now :) More boys should sign up to this class!!! Tara x

Floorbarre comments

The most fantastic all over workout!!

 It's lovely to work out yet feel grace, poise and artistic fulfilment too! Es

I'm addicted, come along and give it a go! Catherine

Floor barre is great. It's like the feeling you get after a session at the chiropractor. Sarah

I always feel so much better after doing the class.

My doctor says I am much better aligned. Rachel

My physio says it is really helping my bad back. Sharon

I really notice the difference in how I feel when I miss a week. Jane

I have no more pain in my achillies. Sam

I feel soooooooooooooooo better for that , thank you :-) Penny

Great to be back at a daytime floor barre class! thank you Rebecca! Claire

Floorbarre has changed my life! Hayley