Our temporary online LIVE classes


3.00-3.30pm         Private Lesson (booked)

3.30-4.00pm Private Lesson 

4.00-4.30pm Private Lesson (booked)

4.30-5.00pm Private Lesson (booked)

5.00-5.30pm Private Lesson (booked)

5.30-6.30pm Floorbarre to include RSK & Adult Beginners (Miss Rebecca)

6.30-7.30pm Open Ballet (Miss Roese)

7.30-8.30pm Senior Jazz (Miss Roese)


4.00-4.30pm Grade 2 Ballet (Miss Rebecca) Private Lesson(Miss Alice)

4.30-5.00pm Grade 3 Ballet (Miss Rebecca)

4.30-5.15pm Inter Jazz (Miss Alice)

5.00-5.45pm Grade 4 Ballet (Miss Rebecca)

5.15-5.45pm Grade 1 & Primary Tap (Junior Tap) (Miss Alice)

5.45-6.30pm Grade 5 Ballet (Miss Rebecca)

5.45-6.15pm Junior Jazz (Miss Alice)

6.30-7.30pm Grade 6 Ballet (Miss Rebecca)


4.00-5.00pm Sleeping Beauty (Miss Rebecca)

5.00-6.00pm Pointe (Miss Rebecca)

6.00-7.00pm Grade 7 Ballet (Miss Rebecca)

6.00-7.00pm Advanced Ballet (Miss Ali)

7.00-7.30pm Grade 2/3 & Adult Beginner Tap (Open non syllabus) (Miss Ali)

7.00-7.30pm G4 & Adult Improver Tap (Open non syllabus) (Miss Alice)

7.30-8.30pm Adult Beginner Ballet (Miss Ali)



10.30-11.30am Adult Tap (Miss Roese)

4.30-5.30pm  Drama (Miss Victoria)

5.30-6.30pm  Musical Theatre  (Miss Chloe)

5.30-6.00pm  Stage Performance (Miss Alice)


9.00-9.30am   Little Swans & Pre-Primary Ballet (Miss Rebecca)

9.30-10.00am Primary Ballet (Miss Rebecca)

10.00-10.30am Contemporary Grade 1 (Miss Chloe)

10.00-10.30am Grade 1 Ballet (Miss Rebecca)

10.30-11.15am Contemporary Grade 3  (Miss Chloe)

10.30-11.00am Private Lesson (booked)

11.15-12.15pm Contemporary Grade 4  (Miss Chloe)

11.15-12.15pm Grade 8 Ballet (Miss Rebecca)

12.45-1.45pm   Junior and Senior Performance Groups (Miss Chloe)

1.45-2.45pm     Contemporary Grade 6  (Miss Chloe)

2.45-3.45pm     Stretching and Conditioning (Miss Chloe)

3.50-4.50pm     Festival (Miss Alice)